Carnegie Securities focuses on institutional clients and offers services in equity research, brokerage, sales trading and ECM-related (equity capital market) transactions.

Carnegie’s business philosophy is basically simple. It involves leveraging knowledge and market position to help our clients do profitable business. Carnegie’s offering spans the entire chain of financial market services – from research to execution. Carnegie values companies, contributes to bringing buyer and sellers together and takes responsibility for executing transactions. The offering includes equity and derivative broking, trading in fixed-income instruments, equity research, IPOs and ECM transactions and proprietary trading. Carnegie offers the Nordic market the most extensive equity research service in combination with placement capacity that is greater than any other single player.

Carnegie Securities has relations with more than 500 clients, of which 200 in the Nordic region and 300 in the rest of the world. Half of these are in North America. The trend, which continued in 2007, is that the share of non-Nordic clients is increasing. This reflects the interest that institutional investors around the world show for the Nordic market, which is attractive from both a growth and a return perspective.

Carnegie’s approximately 55 analysts monitor more than 400 companies in the Nordic region that together account for more than 95 per cent of the value of the Nordic exchanges. The fact that Carnegie is ranked as the leading equity research firm in the Nordic region is proof of our analysts’ ability to interpret and summarize information about companies, markets and competitive factors and their ability to deliver added value to clients.